Sunday, July 27, 2008

Famous Quotes

Sometimes we need some quotes to inspire, push, trigger us to do things.

"I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have."
- Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)

"Don't stay in bed, unless you can make money in bed."
- George Burns (1896-1996)

"Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws."
- Plato (427-347 B.C.)

"Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake."
- Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821)

"Facts are the enemy of truth."
- Don Quixote - "Man of La Mancha"

"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."
- Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931)

"All are lunatics, but he who can analyze his delusion is called a philosopher."
- Ambrose Bierce (1842-1914)

"If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe."
- Carl Sagan (1934-1996)

"Be nice to people on your way up because you meet them on your way down."
- Jimmy Durante

"The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who cannot read them."
- Mark Twain (1835-1910)

"We are not retreating - we are advancing in another Direction."
- General Douglas MacArthur (1880-1964)

"A poem is never finished, only abandoned."
- Paul Valery (1871-1945)

"Whatever is begun in anger ends in shame."
- Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)

"The difference between fiction and reality? Fiction has to make sense."
- Tom Clancy

"A pint of sweat saves a gallon of blood."
- General George S. Patton (1885-1945)

"Sometimes it is not enough to do our best; we must do what is required."
- Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

How to Recognise a Gifted Child

I got this article from Reader's Digest...hope it would help you recognize if your child or a child you know is gifted.

It is important to recognise a gifted child in order to help promote his or her intelligence, curiosity and desire to learn. Most of these children are never recognised and so their potential is not developed correctly. A gifted child is not a genius and does not have to know everything or do things out of the ordinary, such as play the piano at the age of two or speak several languages at the age of three. They are children who are basically differentiated from others in their ability to learn much faster and go more deeply into subjects.

Some of the characteristics of a gifted child are:

1. They generally walk and speak before their first year of age.

2. They tend to use very rich language and adultlike vocabulary.

3. They easily understand and remember the information they are given.

4. They generate a great quantity of ideas and solutions to problems.

5. They have a well-developed sense of humour.

6. They have a great deal of curiosity, which makes them question everything.

7. They usually worry about the problems in the world.

8. They adore reading.

9. They like complicated board games.

10. They are leaders.

11. They persevere (they concentrate on a task and persist until they finish it).

12. They have a high level of self-judgment, demand much of themselves, and tend to be dissatisfied.

13. They prefer to work independently and do not need much help.

14. They are vulnerable to the rejection of their classmates.

I knew one.

Here he is:

Seems he's communicating thru his eyes, since he can't speak yet.

A sort of curious to anything.

Born to be a leader.

He can lead any race.

He can work independently.

And want to work alone.

Lastly, he's special and priceless.

Images above are not from Reader's Digest.